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is committed to providing multimedia solutions to customers on a global scale. They have more than 10 years' experience in multimedia solution Industry. And now, nearly one hundred of people who share the same interests gathered here,working for the same goals. The companies are located in Las Vegas, USA and Nanjing, China, ready to receive different customers and meet different challenges. RichTech is at the cutting edge of technology and offers products such as interactive projection technologies, touch systems, virtual reality, and multimedia products to customers.

Their business philosophy: ba*****t of culture, platform of design and commercial operation. They provided systematic solutions and best practices for different fields all over the world by our creative design and win their accomplishments.

Their strength lies in the ability to develop innovative concepts from computerized interactive programs using the multi sensory detection technology that combines exciting visuals, c****ography, sound and special effects, enabling dynamic presentations, accomplishing desired results. It allows viewers to interact with the image itself in the form of movements and actions.

At present, they have provided products and services to over 120 countries and areas all around the world, application area including shopping mall, airport, hotel, amu*****t park etc. Our products are alluring and captivating to consumers' attention for its unique feel, is a strong compe***ive edge concept, highly recommended for advertising, exhibition, seminar, entertainment etc. Now, we have already provided our multimedia solution and technology to tens of thousands of customers and companies all over the world, such as IBM, SAMSUNG, Burger King and so on.

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